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The Rübel Family

The August Rübel family moved to Camulos in 1925 having purchased
the ranch the previous year. August Rübel, the son of Swiss
immigrants, grew up in New York. He came to Ventura County in 1922,
after graduation from Harvard at the age of 23. He and his wife Mary
Colgate Mclsaac first lived in Aliso Canyon near Santa Paula, having
established the Billiwhack Dairy there in 1924.

The Rübels raised five children at Camulos. During the Rübels' tenure,
several changes occurred at Camulos. The apricot and walnut trees
were replaced with orange trees and a school house was built in 1930
for the Rübel children and those of the ranch bookkeeper. Mr. Rübel
managed the ranch with a foreman and a number of farm laborers who
had also worked for the del Valles.

Mr. Rübel had a great appreciation for the historical legacy he had
acquired in Rancho Camulos and fostered within his family a
sensitivity to historic preservation. He established a small museum in
the winery for the del Valle artifacts that had been left at the ranch.
Though Mr. Rübel let it be known that the ranch was private,
"Ramona-seekers" continued to visit the ranch on occasion and small
school groups from Piru and neighboring towns were welcomed on
field trips.

Mr. Rübel served in the American Field Service in France between
1917 and 1919. He returned to this service during World War II and was
killed in Tunisia in 1943 when the ambulance he was driving hit a
German land mine. His untimely death changed the course of the
future at Camulos. Mrs. Rübel was remarried in 1946 to Edwin Burger,
who allowed few visitors after Mrs. Rübel's death in 1968.  It wasn't
until the 1994 Northridge earthquake and Mr. Burger's death that the
children and grand children of August and Mary Rübel were able to
resume management of the ranch, which, after damage sustained in
the earthquake, was in a tragic state. In addition to reviving the
commercial citrus operation, the family formed a non-profit museum
that now oversees the restoration and interpretation of the historic
buildings. The museum is now governed by a Board of Directors, the
president of which is Mr. Rübel's daughter, Shirley Rübel Lorenz.
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August Alexander Rubel
(1899 -1943)
Mary Colgate McIsaac Rubel
(1904 -1968)
One of the many changes August
Rubel brought to Rancho Camulos
was the addition of a schoolhouse.  
The first students to occupy the
school were the Rubel children and
children of the in-house
Did You Know?
Portrait of August Rubel currently on display in the Large Adobe
All Rights Reserved 2009
Rancho Camulos Museum
August and Mary Rubel
August and Mary Rubel with children (left to right): Natalie, Shirley, Barbara and Gerald
Natalie "Boo" Rubel Trefsger and
Shirley "Pie" Rubel Lorenz enjoy a
family gathering at the rancho in 2009