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Rancho Camulos Weddings

The stroll to this tranquil oasis is a step back in time. First, you’ll pass the old
winery, made of aged brick and river rock, which once housed the Rancho’s
own vintages. Next is a rambling adobe hacienda, trimmed with verandas and
rose bushes that make you think of bountiful summer days and happy family
gatherings. The Rancho’s earliest settlers planted many of the surrounding
trees, and a giant Black Walnut boasts branches spanning nearly half an acre!
In front of this arboreal beauty, a vibrant rose garden plays host to
hummingbirds and butterflies.
Just beyond the hacienda is your first view of the event grounds, sprawling
lawns cradled by orange groves and sagebrush-covered hills. A long white
arbor covered in Mission grapevines stretches past an aviary alive with
birdsong and the fluttering of wings. Most brides use the arbor as a wedding
aisle, while the groom awaits her arrival at one of two locations: the steps of a
quaint wooden Chapel, whose open double-doors reveal oaken prayer
benches and antique candelabra that convey a sense of reverence; or beneath
the dappled shade of a billowing maple tree, with the afternoon breeze softly
whispering through the branches. Both are uniquely inspiring backdrops for
your ceremony.
Afterwards, while the wedding party enjoys photo opportunities in a blooming
flower garden, guests quaff refreshments by a fishpond, where a miniature
waterfall flows into a pond ringed with ferns and lilies. To add more novelty to
your cocktail hour, arrange for guests to take a guided tour of the Museum
buildings and grounds.
As the sweet scent of lavender wafts across the grassy meadows, your friends
and family dine and unwind at tables set in the great outdoors. Place a dance
floor on the lawn, and couples can dip and sway until the sunset paints the
horizon. A mix of nature and history, this Rancho Camulos landmark will not
only expand everyone’s concept of a museum, it will weave a tapestry of rustic
charms over your entire celebration.
Rancho Camulos offers a unique and idyllic setting for special events. The historic buildings
are surrounded by beautiful landscape features that include orange orchards, extensive rose
gardens, and views of the Santa Clara mountains. Areas of the museum available for events
include the expansive south lawn, the main adobe courtyard lawn and school house lawn; the
chapel porch for wedding ceremonies; and the school house for business meetings and
smaller functions.
The Vintage Grape Arbor
The Chapel
The Pond
Our very own
Ramona Camulos,
a  hybrid geranium developed for the
museum in 2009
The School House
Weddings at Camulos are a dream come true.  If you are interested in a
bridal tour to determine how Rancho Camulos Museum can make your
special day memorable, please contact our museum supervisor by
or call the rancho directly at 805-521-1501.
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