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Welcome to our Rancho Camulos Museum Photo Gallery.  Here you'll get a
glimpse at the wonderful landscapes, historic buildings and water features
that await you at Rancho Camulos.

If you have any further questions about the grounds of Camulos or would like to
visit soon, please contact our the museum directly for tour hours and availability.

If you are considering Rancho Camulos for a film or photo shoot, please refer to
our RCM Site Agreement or contact  our
site manager for an appointment to tour
the grounds.
One of many "Perfect Moments"  in the Camulos Garden
The Large Adobe
The Chapel
The Schoolhouse
A View from the Grape Arbor
The Fish Pond
The School House Lawn
Do You?
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Rancho Camulos Museum
As you can see, Rancho Camulos takes pride in the many varieties of flora and fauna in
our ever-changing gardens.  Owner, Shirley Rubel, nurtures the delicate specimens by
hand every week.
La Cocina